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We specialize in:
Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Fabricating, Steel Joists, Metal Deck, Custom Rolling, Ornamental Metals, Stainless Steel, Galvanizing, and Special Finishes.

You’ll discover full-service structural and misc steel fabrication founded on AISC certified structural steel.  Enjoy a “no-surprises project” with over 40 years of our experience working for you. A family business founded in 1976, Bergh's Fab has delivered nearly 3,000 projects and continues to be a premier fabricator in our industry.

Blue Print
Preliminary Budgeting

A clear initial picture of your overall building project’s budget benefits everyone. We’ll collaborate with you early in the process to design a budget that streamlines the entire project experience.  You can rest assured we'll stay within the guidelines we establish together.

Design/Build Quotations

In a Design-Build project, you completely engage in the process and are encouraged to provide input to the project’s desired outcome. You manage only one contract with a single point of responsibility. The designer and contractor work as a team from the beginning, providing unified project recommendations to fit your schedule and budget. 

Open Market Hard Bidding

We have a strong, established client base that we do projects for year after year, but we also engage in Open Market Bidding. The economy and our current client obligations dictate how much Open Market Bidding we do. We enjoy consistent success competing in all bidding markets.


Our in-house detailing team combines over 100 years of experience. SDS/2 3D modeling software and connection design to ensure that detailed drawings and fabricated steel deliver an exceptional, uncompromised outcome. Our seasoned detailers work through the most challenging projects with industry-leading expertise. 


We work with top engineering firms to meet all of your engineer approval needs. Most projects are designed and engineer approved before coming to us to ensure maximum results. Quality without compromise begins with top-shelf engineering.

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